Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of diets and exercise programs that promise results but leave you frustrated and back to square one? Let’s redirect your attention and tap into the extraordinary power of your mindset to achieve the seemingly elusive lasting weight loss success.

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Mirror, Mirror: My Rollercoaster Ride to Weight Loss Wisdom

For decades, I pursued weight loss by focusing solely on logistics and external factors – counting calories, logging food, and sweating my booty off in the gym. But when my willpower waned and motivation dipped, I felt incapable of maintaining my progress.  And that’s putting it mildly. However, little did I know that my beliefs and mindset played a critical role in my long-term weight loss success. 

And then this happened…

I began to realize mindset was critical when I began paying attention to my thoughts. (And this was before I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza!) One day, I was looking at myself in the mirror at my favorite restaurant and thought, “I want to take this mirror home…because it lies to me and makes me think I look amazing!  I know I don’t look like that!”  The thought made me chuckle.

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No one told me that it would take time for my brain to adjust to the new me.  And that doesn’t happen on its own either.  Many of the habits had changed, like my foodways (food habits!), but how I thought about myself hadn’t changed.  Although I had lost nearly 80lbs at that point, I still saw myself at the exact same weight.

In other words…

The way I viewed myself hadn’t changed.  

The way I criticized myself certainly hadn’t changed. 

I was even more critical of myself than I was before!

The Evolutionary Power of Mindset for Lasting Weight Loss

Here’s the thing that virtually no one talks about:  weight loss isn’t just about taking all the actions; it’s about the inner transformation.  It’s about setting intentions and tapping into your incredible potential. And that includes the potential for cultivating a resilient mindset. 

Yes, we want the “evidence” of the outer transformation, but that may not last as long as we want unless we address the inner stuff, dare I say, the inner conflicts, that seem to derail all efforts and set us back. Part of my journey was accepting myself and all of my imperfections.  The silly thing about that idea is that when I judge myself, it’s because my mind has come to believe that everything outside of me is perfect.  

So, here’s one way of looking at it:  nothing anywhere is perfect because it can’t be.  And it can’t be perfect because everything is evolving.  Yes, everything is in a state of perfect evolution!  Can you feel the relief in that statement?!

Mindful Mayhem: Mastering Pre-Action Chatter

The feeling of relief is a great place to start, and once I feel relief, I can get back into the driver’s seat.  This allows me to feel like I have regained some control, but I found that I could do even more than that. I could intentionally direct the focus of my brain to go where I wanted it to go.  By setting some intentions at the beginning of the day, I could create tactics to surmount obstacles that may crop up during the day and stay on track with my health goals.  

In many ways, I had lost sight of what it meant to be intentional with my goals.  It wasn’t just about taking action, but it was the pre-action chatter and the pre-action calibration that kept me on track. Once I realized that it was the pre-planning and the intention setting that would set up my day, I began to practice it every day.

Maybe it’s not magic, but it is a gamechanger!

  • I began to make decisions each day. 
  • I began to state how I wanted to feel throughout the day. 
  • I began to declare what my food focus would be for the day. 

And slowly, I was training my mind to look for ways to satisfy those declarations and desires. Rather than write these random statements down each day, I decided to create a small worksheet to help guide my thoughts. And that’s how my small journal was brought to life.

Bossing Up: Intentional Living for Health, Happiness, and the Rebel Inside

If you’ve been looking for a way to overcome your self-doubt, cultivate self-compassion, and live with more intention, then check out my 30-day journal “Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel”.  With this journal, you’ll create intentions to surmount your obstacles and stay on track with your weight loss goals.  If you create a daily practice such as the one I am suggesting, you may surprise yourself as to what’s possible as your inner transformation unfolds.  

Think about it, boss! 👑 (Can I call you boss?!) Look how far you’ve come already! If you made it this far in this post, then you are already a boss! You simply haven’t let your Vibrant Rebel out to play yet.

If you’re ready to slay those self-doubts, own your journey, and unleash your inner Vibrant Rebel, it’s time to invest some time in yourself and get the “Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel” journal. As you spend time with this practice, you’ll pave the way for a badass transformation that’s all about health, happiness, and a body that feels good.

Ready to take the lead and unleash the Vibrant Rebel that resides within you? Let’s embark on this journey together!

Click on the journal below to check it out!


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