Helloooo, Vibrant Rebel!

I’m Rebecca Marciano and I love to color outside the lines.

I’m Rebecca, a transformational mindset coach and weight loss strategist for women who have reached their wits’ end in their quest to reach a healthy weight. With a whopping 103-pound weight loss journey under my belt, I know firsthand the ups and downs of this wild ride.

I’m here to help you visualize and create your unique weight loss journey so you can get off the sidelines of life and start living the vibrant life you deserve. My passion lies in diving deep into the heart of weight loss – the mindset. Because if you don’t have that in check, the rest of the journey can feel like a never-ending uphill battle.

I write about the deep, transformative topics that matter in weight loss, always focusing on the power of mindset. When time allows, I create inspired meditations and videos to keep you motivated and centered. And when I’m not cheering you on, you can find me on the racquetball court or lifting weights, channeling my inner powerhouse.

Join me in embracing the Vibrant Rebel within you. Let’s continue to break free, live vibrantly, and transform our lives together!

About Rebecca

Obsessed with Weight Loss Strategies + the Science and Mindset to Get You There

My unique approach deeply examines the complex beliefs surrounding perceived obstacles that prevent weight loss and directs the focus toward what is truly needed to reach a healthy weight. I understand the value of making weight loss easier while emphasizing taking back control of life.

I am obsessed with every aspect of health and have been researching and applying weight loss strategies for 25+ years. I am passionate about mindset development and am devoted to my kickboxing because it makes me feel like a badass after every session!

Did someone say racquetball?! Yes, please!
Me + racquetball

While I do love traveling to other cities and countries, I love traveling on a racquetball court, too! Believe it or not, I started “playing” when I was close 270+lbs! It’s a cardio challenge for sure, but it taxes muscles I didn’t even know I had. Playing racquetball is not about always hitting the ball, but it’s about showing up to hit the ball!

I still love being on a court because it’s proof that I can keep up! This is one of the most exhilarating and challenging workouts that I do, and that’s exactly why I do it. Showing up to play represents the Vibrant Rebel inside!

We all have a Vibrant Rebel inside. How does she show up for you?

Let’s Get (More) Personal

An Ode to My Beloved Pets

Okay, okay, I admit it. I love cats. And dogs.

Cats are, well, unique. And I have learned a lot from mine.

And dogs? Well, they truly are some of my best friends! (And I learn from them, too!)

An ode to my precious babies. They are all my favorites!