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“Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel” Journal: Your Path to Finding Alignment in Your Weight Loss Journey!

“Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel” is a 30 day journal with a focus on the inner transformation. It is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way you approach your weight loss journey, your health and well-being. This journal is not just a collection of blank pages; it is a gateway to transforming your thoughts into inspired, tangible actions and manifesting the vibrant body you desire.

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Unlock the power of intention and transform your health journey. The “Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel” Journal is your secret weapon to staying focused, committed, and aligned with your desires. Get ready to create a vibrant body like never before.

You are not ordinary; your weight loss journey shouldn’t be either.

Unleashing Your Inner Vibrant Rebel isn’t an ordinary way of achieving a healthy body.

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The end of the “diet rollercoaster”. Period.

Are you tired of the never-ending loop of diets and exercise programs that offer promising results but only leave you frustrated and back to square one?

It’s time to redirect your attention and tap into the extraordinary power of your mindset to achieve lasting weight loss success. Welcome to “Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel: Weight Loss from the Inside” – a remarkable 30-day journal meticulously crafted to transform your entire approach to weight loss.  This journal has been my secret to losing weight and keeping it off.

Ready to step out of the ordinary?


I see you, Vibrant Rebel!

If you’ve been struggling to stay on track with your health goals, constantly getting derailed or finding yourself in self-sabotaging patterns, this journal is for you. It will help you establish priorities, focus on what truly matters, and set clear intentions for your body. 

It’s time to expand your appreciation for your body and create a new level of well-being.  Commit to yourself and embrace the power of intentional creation of your healthy body. Get your “Unleash Your Vibrant Rebel” today and witness the transformative impact it will have on your daily life for months to come!

Every moment is a choice. choose to try on something different.

I took the long route, but you don’t have to.

Rebecca before & after

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In this video, I chat about exactly why I created this journal and how it has transformed my life. I know it can do the same for your life, too!

I always blamed myself for my dieting “failures”…

Or a work or a school schedule. For decades I felt completely incapable of maintaining my weight loss. I could never seem to get off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster. It’s not that I wasn’t responsible for my results – I was. But I didn’t truly take ownership of it, and I didn’t change the internal narrative in my mind.

There were so many things I didn’t realize hindered my progress; some of those would cause me to return right back to what felt like the starting line.

Actions matter, thoughts matter More. Belief systems matter. Intentions matter More.

Features of the Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel Journal:

This journal provides a framework to help you define your intentions, break them down into manageable steps, and observe your progress weekly. Easily identify what’s important for the day, allocating precious resources like time and energy. Directs and channels your focus in ways that support your weight loss success in small, daily steps. Stay accountable to yourself and watch your daily desires turn into reality.

Allow yourself to tune in and tap into your Higher Self to feel into your inspiration. Unleash that power of inspiration and take inspired, aligned action that harmonizes with your goal of a healthy body. Allow your inspired action become your daily dose of motivation and propel you towards the body you desire – and deserve to have!

Gain clarity and confidence as you stand in your Intuitive Knowing of making powerful daily decisions which support your overarching weight loss goal. Feel free to tap into your Intuition and harness your ability to make guided, informed choices that both support and align with your daily and monthly health goals.

Success is built on consistent habits that move the needle. Not getting what you want? Easily review what you chose to focus on in your daily routines and weekly reviews. Whether it’s something you want to create, or cultivate an ongoing mindfulness practice, this feature will help you build the muscle that creates consistent habits that calibrate you to successful weight loss.

Practice leaning into an attitude of abundance and appreciating the unfolding of the daily journey. Calibrate to wellness and a healthy body by cultivating a positive mindset as you reflect upon every win (no win is too small!), challenges, and daily evolution. Conclude each week by reflecting upon points of self-awareness and personal growth, finding the beauty in all of it.

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