Everything you observe began with a simple thought no matter what it is. It could be the tall, beautiful buildings that glisten in the sunlight, or a business that was born over a glass of wine. Each began with a simple thought.

Every individual who declared, “I want to have a healthy body!” began a journey, starting with that simple thought.

Excited about building her first home, I remember my mom leafing through hundreds of books with floor plans and stunning exterior designs as she visualized what she wanted.

Creating the home in your mind

There was so much to decide and plan from what style of home and floorplan they wanted to how many bedrooms and bathrooms would suit the family needs. In other words, you can’t just wing this process, unless time and money are meaningless!

After searching for the perfect plan, my mom found one she could work with, but it had a garage on the front, which she didn’t want. So, how did she solve this? She created a massive “Great Room” with super high ceilings and floor to ceiling built-ins! (The end result was amazing!)

There was a lot of going back-and-forth with the architect to get to her desired outcome. Put a bay window here. Add a massive picture window there. Once the foundation was laid, one could finally feel the progress! And then there were permits. And electricians. And plumbers. And a giant Doberman pinscher to prevent thieves from stealing the lumber!

Mom spent months of conceiving this beautiful concept that would unfold and manifest as a wonderful, cozy home where friends and family would gather to laugh and share many incredible dinners together (don’t forget her famous chocolate sheet cake!).

F+F gathering for dinner

All of this represents how we go about turning our thoughts into things. In this analogy, my mom had a vision, then she had some planning to do and a strategy to execute to have the family home she truly wanted. But this isn’t the only thing that requires focus and strategy.

Reaching a healthy weight requires a vision, too

It requires a strategy that involves some attention to detail. It requires a bit of focus on the mechanics, and well, usually the mindset plays a large role in getting what we want. But let’s begin with the visionary part of it.

If you think of the architect as yourself along with your mentor, you will have to experiment a little bit to find what actually works best for you when the goal is a healthy body.

And once that foundation is laid, you will feel that some progress is being made, even as the journey zigs and zags. But you can’t just stop mid-way because some things feel difficult! You simply feel your way through new ideas!

Manifesting the Goal

If you have a plan, just like plans drawn up by an architect, you know that there is ultimately a goal you want to manifest. This means that you stay the course and stick to the plan! And it’s okay if you deviate…just take the next ramp and get back onto the freeway!

Nutrition Plan

You make adjustments as needed and flexibly move forward as you keep that excitement and anticipation alive. That’s the type of mindset it takes to achieve nearly everything!

Most of the time it’s those “tiny” details that make the difference in manifesting a goal, such as working with someone who can help you create a strategy to reach those goals.

Those details determine the success of a project’s journey just as those details can make a massive difference in creating the healthy body you want. They can ultimately be the difference between winging it and actually manifesting the goal you envision in order to have what you desire. ♥

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