It’s Been an Incredible Journey

Here’s my Story to Inspire Yours

I knew that if I ever lost weight…

…that it would be my sole mission to help other women, but figuring that out was as obscure as the dark web. In the meantime, I pursued a medical education because surely the keys to health were somewhere in one of those massive books. Nope, but I certainly learned a lot!

I was constantly trying try to reconcile my thoughts about health and nutrition, and I wondered why no one ever asked about nutrition and lifestyle habits during the patient consultations. It was disheartening to me because I deeply felt this should be integrated into the medical community.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Each one of us has a journey to take to reach our goals, but we must be willing to accept the call. We must be willing to accept the mission. We must be willing to go on the adventure.

The question is, will that be you?