If you’ve been wanting your brain to get with the program, errr, I mean, you want you and your brain to finally sing the same tune on weight loss, then read on. We’ll break it down from the deeply rooted “why” and then ride off into the sunset of rediscovering and affirming your self-worth and weight loss goals. No one said you have to do this solo, so together let’s harness the power of your imagination to see, believe, and achieve your desire for a healthy body. Let’s get that brain on board for a journey filled with vibrance and unapologetic self-love. Welcome to the vibrant side, where every step is a dance move towards your best self!

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So, you’re on a mission to shed some pounds, but your brain’s playing hard to get?  Welcome to the club where willpower and gooey brownies are in a constant tango. But don’t you worry – I’m here to share some oh-so-rebellious strategies to get your mind and body singing the same tune. Let’s turn that “I can’t” into an “I’ve got this!”

1. “Why Not? Finding the Fierce Drive Within You”

First things first, let’s chat about your “why.” I’m not talking about the surface-level stuff. Dive deep. Why do you really want to lose weight? Is it to simply feel good?  Is it to be able to walk into a store and find something to wear that makes you feel like a million bucks?  Whatever it is, make it personal and plaster it everywhere – your mirror, your fridge, heck, even your screensaver. This isn’t just a goal; it’s your new mantra!

2. Mindful Munching: Eat Like a Queen, Not a Starving Artist

Now, let’s talk food. I won’t tell you to chew on celery and pretend it’s a French fry. No, ma’am. This is definitely not about conning yourself.  It’s about mindful eating. Sit down in your zen space, savor your food, and listen to your body. When you eat like a queen – slow, dignified, enjoying every bite – you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied (provided you’re actually eating food and not super processed boxed items no one can identify). And when that little voice whispers “snack time,” ask yourself, “Am I really hungry, stressed, or just bored?”

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3. The Buddy System: Find Your Fun (and Committed) Support Squad

Weight loss is like a night out on the town – way more fun with friends. Find yourself a support squad that gets you. This could be a workout buddy, a local support community such as Meetup, or even an online community. Share your goals, your struggles, and your victories. When you’re about to dive into a tub of ice cream, a quick text to your buddy might help you step away from disaster and steer you toward the fruit bowl instead.

4. Celebrate Every Victory: Big or Small, They All Count!

Listen up, Vibrant Rebel: every little victory is worth celebrating. Dropped a pound? Do a happy dance. Chose salmon over a decked-out burger and fries? Pat yourself on the back. It’s about recognizing the small wins that lead to big results over time.  Think about ways to reward the victories, just ensure they are non-food treats.  Some examples are buying that cute top you’ve been eyeing or a new pair of cute shoes.

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5. Visualize Your Success: See It, Believe It, Achieve It

Visualization isn’t just for the woo-woo crowd – it’s a legit tool. Spend a few minutes each day closing your eyes and picturing your future fabulous self. See yourself rocking that dress or skirt you’ve been wanting to wear, crossing the finish line of that 5K, or simply feeling energetic and alive.

Goodbye Couch, Hello Vibrant Rebel!

Remember: you’re not just losing weight; you’re gaining confidence, health, and vibrance. It’s not always easy, but hey, neither is walking in heels, and you’ve got that down, right? So, adjust to a new level of vibrance and aliveness, remind yourself how fabulous you are, and realize that your brain is already on board! Continue on this journey and fill it up with a lot more self-love, laughter, and a whole lot of sass! 

Shameless Plug

Want some help visualizing your success? I created a journal that I titled “Unleash Your Inner Vibrant Rebel” to help get my brain on board with my goals, and it has been a stepping stone on the path to successful weight loss. Perhaps it may help you, too?!

Visualization is my secret weapon, and I’ve used it to harness my imagination to see, believe, and achieve my weight loss goals. This adventure goes way beyond weight loss; it’s about stepping into a life filled with confidence, health, and vibrant energy. So lace up those metaphorical sneakers (or fabulous heels, your choice!), and do something you’ve never done during the next legs of your weight loss adventure!

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