Here’s the big, bold statement: we often start with what we know, or at least what we’ve heard.

Perhaps we immediately jump on the weight scale and decide to take massive action based on that number, which often comes from feeling angry or frustrated. And then we heard that exercise burns a lot of calories, so we get moving.

We also have some ideas about what’s “healthy”, so we attempt to make some adjustments in our dietary habits, which often translates into eliminating different foods. After one week of intense commitment, we see the number on the scale decrease significantly. “Fantastic! The ‘hard work’ is paying off!”, we exclaim.

Since we like the number we see, we keep going. But what if we don’t?

We often get frustrated. Annoyed. Motivation begins to decline. Suddenly, we find ourselves at the drive-through ordering a half-dozen jelly-filled doughnuts and eat three of them on the drive home. Or perhaps it was a different drive-through where ordering a meal with the works plus dessert sounded like a good idea.

Right after that comes the guilt. Am I right?

We begin to judge ourselves by what we’ve heard or the outstanding results that supposedly someone on social media achieved. And then we start to beat ourselves up because we can’t seem to get it together.

Woman frustrated with WL

Let’s think about this in a Vibrant Rebel way.

I say that it’s time to ditch the shame. It’s time to ditch old ideas and stop clinging to those old ideas and rules that have gotten us nowhere.

There is no shortage of information – it’s everywhere. So why is more than two-thirds of the population still overweight?! Because the mainstream is still preaching calories and exercise without daring to think differently about how weight loss is achieved and maintained.

If we don’t start with addressing our belief systems, we will be in the camp of still trying to make it happen. If we don’t ask ourselves why we want to have a healthy body and connect to that desire daily, we can lose sight of the desire when the going gets rough. No one ever told me this and once I had lost 75+lbs, I still saw myself as very overweight. I still lacked confidence. I literally saw myself as the same when I looked in the mirror – and in many ways I was, internally.

It’s relatively easy to set a weight loss goal. Heck, many of us set those “goals” every Monday! But are you in it to win it? Or is the phrase “I want to lose weight” just something you have gotten used to saying?

Here is how to crush those goals once and for all:

  • Address the belief systems you have
  • Get to the “why” of why the weight loss goal is important
  • Connect to the goal daily and renew the commitment
Envision the WL goal

The Vibrant Rebel way is to know and understand the why of what you say you want – and connect to it deeply. Create the vision in your mind of what you want to see, but more importantly, what you want to FEEL.

See it. Feel it. Allow that feeling to penetrate deep within your bones. That, my friend, is how to crush that weight loss goals.

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