If you’ve ever white-knuckled your way to weight loss, you may have learned that there isn’t much staying power. Read on to find out what I learned!

Without a doubt, I have learned over the years that all of the white-knuckling I was doing to lose weight wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Well, let’s say that it DID get me results, just not the staying power I was looking for. I realized that the white-knuckling type of motivation only lasted for so long, which meant I had to try other mindset strategies.

I am a total fan-Girl

It’s no secret that I have been a huge fan of Chalene Johnson. I have purchased nearly every program she created through BeachBody. I have practiced TurboJam for more than a decade, having fallen madly in love with the videos! I am under no illusion that I am a kickboxer, but I have definitely perfected my moves! A few years ago, Chalene created TurboFire and it was a different ball of wax. I recall perusing the videos thinking, “Wow, this is TurboJam on crack!” And because I had that thought, I never even tried a single video. Not even one.

Now, we know that thoughts lead to things. And that one thought led to not even trying her new program because I didn’t want to feel like I was “starting over”. I loved TurboJam – I loved the music, the vibe and the energy – and I could follow the moves. Perhaps I was afraid TurboFire wouldn’t measure up? Perhaps I didn’t want to feel like a “failure” if I felt like I would die before I got to the end of one of those HIIT training videos? Yep. That’s exactly what I wanted to avoid.

“This is too hard!”

Oddly enough, after having that program for 3+ years, I decided to try one of the HIIT sessions. It confirmed what I thought might happen: that I would feel like I would die before I got to the end!

The self-talk at the end went something like this:

“I knew that video would be too difficult for me. What was I thinking?!

I should have just done my other video from TurboJam. This program is too hard. I am so out of breath, and I can’t do those moves as fast as she can.”


Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten to the place where you finally convinced yourself to do something, only to tell yourself that it confirmed what you already believed? This is the definition of self-fulfilling prophecy…

Fast forward to last year. I was so keen to continue to develop my “extraordinary mindset”, so I loaded the video Fire 40 from Chalene’s TurboFire program. Man, it was a difficult video, but I had learned something. I had learned to celebrate. I had learned to get “guttural” with it. In other words, make some noise! My mind needed the celebration and my body needed to know that I was 100% on-board! My mind also need to know that I was happy to be there, jumping, punching and kicking!

I've got this

And then I heard her say it. I reached the point in the video where Chalene was prodding us to keep pushing, and then she said excitedly, “How bad do you really want it?!”

I was listening and told myself that I wanted to finish…badly! I pushed through to the end and celebrated my small win. And two days later, I did that same video again. And two days later, again.

What Happens if I push through?

The video was still a challenge, but it got easier just like the other ones did. But why didn’t I push through 3 years ago to get to that point? Why wasn’t I willing to feel what I needed to feel on the other side of completion? And, was this about me just truly NOT wanting the result bad enough that I wasn’t willing to push through a little bit of temporary discomfort?

Yes, I am all about the alignment. Sometimes we just aren’t ready – and no one can force us to be ready for that next step. My experience tells me that when something feels aligned and we feel ready, we will go for it 1000%. But how do we get ready?

Take the leap!

Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith, do it, and detach from the result. Other times we have to remind ourselves of WHY we want that result to begin with. I think part of it is that maybe I didn’t want to get to that next level of fitness bad enough.

Why? Because I know exactly what my state of mind is when I want something – and I know how I am thinking and feeling when I could take it or leave it. It all comes down to the WHY. And it all comes down to thoughts and feelings.

Oh yeah, I wanted to lose weight. Badly.

Yep, all roads lead back to those. Back in 2014, I wanted to lose weight so badly that I was willing to pay a lot of money to a clinic to help guide me. Regardless of what I felt about the value and customer service, the money I invested held me accountable. Showing up each week held me accountable. I was willing to learn new ways to eat…and be ridiculed by colleagues about what I wasn’t eating. That’s how badly I wanted to reduce my weight.


If I want it bad enough…

I see now that the degree of desire does impact my personal journey. It can literally be the deciding factor as to whether I choose to up-level or not. Every day brings me new insights on this path, and I know that both my thoughts and feelings influence my desires, and hence my results. And if I want something bad enough, I will keep pushing past the temporary discomfort, and that’s how my personal next level is achieved.

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