We often spend a lot of time comparing our journey to a healthy weight to someone else’s. You might be more prone to comparing your journey to someone else’s when you feel frustrated…or annoyed with your results.

Comparing Journeys

Persistent frustration stalls results

Here’s the thing. Spending time wanting what someone else has doesn’t get you further down the road. Spending time being annoyed that you aren’t further along doesn’t fulfill your desire – and it actually doesn’t move you further along! (Where is my cat to cheer me on this one?!)

It really is a futile effort to compare your journey to someone else’s and your current results to someone else’s and here’s why.

  • Your metabolism is not the same
  • Your habits are not the same
  • Your beliefs are not the same
  • Your food ways are not the same
  • Your alignment with your goals is definitely not the same

And I’m just getting started! Your childhood shaped many of your thought and belief patterns, and that is an incredibly unique experience! We all grew up in different areas with different cultural influences. Some families had plenty to eat while others faced extreme budgets. Fresh fruit and vegetables may have been common in your home, but it certainly wasn’t in mine! On a subconscious level, we uniquely picked up so much information scattered with details, and now we get to sort through it all and decide how we want to feel about them.

frustrated woman on scale

Given all of those differences between you and someone else, it simply doesn’t make sense to compare your weight loss journey to someone else’s. You wanna know what works? Making peace with where you are. Yep. Sometimes it’s necessary to simply make peace with where you are. Yes, I said that.

Making peace with where you are allows you to move closer to your goal as opposed to staying where you are or moving backwards.

peace with where you are

If you can find your way to being at peace with where you are, the mind, body and spirit will begin to find balance. Having more acceptance of where you are doesn’t mean you don’t want a healthy body. Finding peace doesn’t mean just accept the body you have and abandon the health goals. Now that you’ve launched that desire, you won’t be separate from it, ever! But finding peace is about neutralizing the frustration. It’s about appreciating right where you are. This is about coming to a place of peace AS you move in the direction of your goal.

Most of us don’t even realize this is possible because we spend more time disliking where we currently are as opposed to embracing where we are going.

Make peace + Celebrate

You don’t have to love where you are. In fact, you don’t even have to like where you are. But make peace with where you are. How, you ask? Find things around you to appreciate and start by celebrating the beauty in those things. Then, find your way to clarity and reset your sights on the healthy body that you want. Recommit to your goals, continue to move in the direction of those goals – and be all about them!

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