Want to stop limiting beliefs in their tracks so you can crush your weight loss goal? Read on for 6 great tips for addressing those beliefs that hold you back.

But first, what are limiting beliefs and how do you know if you even have them?


At one point or another, we have all have beliefs that prevent us from achieving something we say that we want. For now, let’s keep it simple, but beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep thinking. And, they sound something like this:

  • It’s too late for me to lose weight. I should have done it when I had the chance.
  • I am too old to lose weight now. I should have done it 15 years ago.
  • I’m going to be overweight forever.
  • I will never have the body I want. I will be stuck at this weight forever.
  • I see other people lose weight, but I can’t seem to.

What are limiting beliefs?

As I mentioned earlier, beliefs are simply thoughts you continue to think. Limiting beliefs “limit” what you are capable of and give you an excuse to not get what you want – and what you deserve. These beliefs keep you trapped in your comfort zone and limit your forward movement toward your goals.

Most of these limiting beliefs are rooted deeply in the subconscious mind, but when we practice them frequently they become our truths. As you have figured out, they are called “limiting beliefs” because they limit your progress and often prevent you from achieving exactly what you say you want.

I can't do it

The good news is you can move past the limiting beliefs if you take the time to dig a little and learn what they are for YOU.

Here are 6 tips to stop limiting beliefs from hijacking what you want.

Step 1: Identify

The first step you need to take if you want to stop your limiting beliefs is identifying what they are. This can be in the form of a list, which has always been illuminating for me. You can’t fight something you can’t see or recognize, so make it your goal to identify all of your limiting beliefs.

woman thinking

Step 2: Recognize

It might seem obvious, but one of the most important steps of stopping limiting beliefs is recognizing that they are just that. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it a fact. The majority of limiting beliefs are lies and the only reason they have any power is that you gave them the power. By recognizing them for what they are, you take that power back.

limiting beliefs are not facts

Step 3: Challenge

Once you recognize limiting beliefs are rooted in lies, you can start challenging them. You can ask yourself how grounded the belief is, what supporting facts there are, whether you always thought that way, and what would change if you no longer held that belief as truth.

Questioning your limiting beliefs removes their power because that’s when you start to see them for what they are – lies. These types of questions are designed specifically to challenge your perspective and make you think outside the box.

Step 4: Realize

You might be thinking you already ticked this box, but this is about realizing the consequences of falling for or holding onto limiting beliefs. They deprive you of happiness and success if you allow those beliefs to persist.

Step 5: Adopt

Out with the old and in with the new, which means once you rid yourself of a limiting belief you can adopt a new limitless belief. When you choose your new belief, be sure it’s something that will improve or benefit your life in some way.

your only limit is you

Here’s the thing: it’s a daunting task to “stop” doing or thinking something. The easiest thing to implement is to begin thinking in a different way. It won’t be an easy transition – it’s essentially replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, but if you’re consistent, then you can do it. The deeper the emotional bond you have with a limiting belief, the harder it will be to overcome it, so get ready for your mind to resist. However, if you practice your newly adopted beliefs, your mind will begin to accept them eventually!

Step 6: Practice

Now that you’ve done all the pre-work, it’s time to take action and implement habits that support your new limitless beliefs. For example, if you’ve held onto a limiting belief about being too old or out of shape to exercise, then remind yourself consistently that it’s never too late and take action with a 5-minute walk. Make sure you persist with that daily walk and increase the length each time. Remember, in order to implement your newly adopted beliefs, you must make different choices today than you did yesterday.

Practicing these new beliefs daily is essentially an act of creating the reality that you want.

When you start visualizing the results you want and the reality you picture, you create anticipation that your mind will want to chase. When you feel the “old” belief come up, simply remind yourself of the belief you have chosen and re-emphasize it. The mind will get on board with your consistent practice.

When you begin to see the fruits of your newly adopted beliefs as you practice reinforcing them, it will become easier to recognize other belief systems that have been holding you back in other areas of your life.

woman achieve

The key to breaking through those limiting beliefs is awareness.

The Vibrant Rebel Way

Once you develop a keen awareness of your thoughts and continuously take inventory of your belief systems and challenge them, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from having the body you want and the vibrant life you deserve!

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