Visualize as You’ve Never Done Before…

How could you feel in your body if you chose a different path to a healthier weight?

Create the Body You Want and Deserve

What do you actually want? Have you ever sat down and thought about it? You know, free from the to-do list, the dog barking, or pondering what’s for dinner?

Perhaps we’ve forgotten what it’s like to dream. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to really let go and deeply connect to something we want. And we don’t even contemplate what’s even possible for us.

I’ll bet that it’s because at some point, we were told to sit down and be good girls. We were told to behave. And someone said we should stop dreaming. But we always knew those dreams represented a magical place…a place where we created things.

It’s time to get back there again.

Go faster, start dreaming

There are many strategies to reach a healthy weight. How many have you followed…over and over again? Many get there eventually, but only about 5% remain at a healthy weight.

And the rest of us? We search desperately for the next thing, hoping it will be it.

But we never dreamed it was a simple connection to our future selves that would make a difference. I want you to dream about the body you want just like you did when you were a little girl…you know, the dream where you were whisked away on the white horse…

Away on white horse


This always begins with desire, one you have had had for so long that it seems out of reach. It’s not; you simply haven’t managed your connection to it.


Find a way to step into the dream to create the image of who you want to be. This is about dreaming freely – and actually having fun with it!


Cue the adventure! This is the fun part. Let your internal world create your external reality like you never have. This isthe

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We follow the same weight loss strategies for years, only to get the same results. It’s time to try something new.

journey beyond where you currently are